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HiProMine offers various variants of meals – processed insect protein, with different levels of protein and fat, allowing to choose the optimal solution for the production of feed and pet food. The mineral composition and the presence of AMP peptides, supporting the anti-inflammatory effect and unique hypoallergenic properties, make HiProMine meals an alternative food source, surpassing in many respects traditional animal protein sources. A test series of an innovative product.

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    Defatted meal with a protein content of at least 50%. It corresponds with its basic parameters such as the content of protein, fat or basic minerals, which are considered the best in the nutrition of domestic animals, to low ash poultry meals, or to best quality fish meal. In addition, it has distinguishing features: it is hypoallergenic and contains antimicrobial peptides, which are anti-inflammatory and help in accelerating wound healing, etc.

    We combine sustainable, nature-friendly insect breeding with modern technology. By introducing invertebrate protein as an alternative to traditional protein, we pursue the mission of reducing food waste thus limiting environmental degradation.


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