Sourcing high-value insect protein

The mission of HiProMine is to provide customers – producers of farm fodder and pet food – with an optimal source of protein for growth and development, for growth stimulation that also provides energy. The innovative, proprietary technology allows to do it on an industrial scale while using the advantages resulting from the scale of production and its flexibility concerning the customer’s needs. The optimal selection of breeding lines results in maximum efficiency of the use of raw materials, largely constituting by-products of the food industry, based on which high-quality feed products are made. Production in the HiProMine system is a kind of ecological bioreactor, the function of which is the efficient production of feed for farm animals, as well as a source of healthy development of companion animals fed with food based on HiProMine products.

Our goals

  • Setting the directions to perform activities as part of the global trend of reducing the negative impact on the environment
  • Production of protein and fat for animal feed and the manufacture of natural organic fertilizers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner
  • Reduction of the environmental burden compared to traditional methods of animal protein production, by minimizing water consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating other environmentally unfriendly production methods
  • Joining efforts to reduce the catch of fish from their natural environment by providing a product that creates an alternative to fishmeal
  • Providing a real answer to the growing demand for animal protein due to the increase in population and nutritional needs

Your real impact on the environment!

Due to the systematic increase in the Earth’s population, it is more and more difficult to satisfy the demand for protein from its traditional sources. In addition, traditional livestock farming is one of the major factors in greenhouse gas emissions, pollution of water resources and environmental burden with more and more amount of waste that is difficult to dispose of.

We are committed to seeking to reverse these negative trends. The goal of our production is the animal protein produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, aimed at a constant reduction of pollutant emissions, based on the principle of “zero waste” – with the most economical management of all resources. A part of our mission is also in building environmental awareness among our employees and within the local community.


Low water consumption

About 98% reduction in water consumption compared to beef processing

Minimum CO2 emissions

About 90% greenhouse gas reduction compared to beef processing

Natural cycle

Supporting the natural cycle of the food chain – animals receive natural feed

Comparison showing the percentage of raw materials used

Insects as invertebrates are edible in 100% of their body weight without the need for additional processing

Comparison of water consumption and CO2 emissions in the production of Hermetia Illucens protein with the production of traditional animal protein.

Insect breeding is many times more environmentally friendly than breeding other farm animals

We combine sustainable, nature-friendly insect breeding with modern technology. By introducing invertebrate protein as an alternative to traditional protein, we pursue the mission of reducing food waste thus limiting environmental degradation.


HiProMine S.A. ul. Poznańska 12F 62-023 Robakowo

Company details

REGON: 361521251

KRS: 0000556957

NIP: 1132889689

Share capital: PLN 887 261

Paid-in capital: PLN 887 261

Corporate governance

Chairman of the Board
Michał Pokorski

Member of the Board
Damian Józefiak

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