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HiProMine is the only in Poland and one of the few in Europe producers of insect frass Hermetia Illucens (Black Soldier Fly)

Frass from insects (Hermetia illucens) is an organic fertilizer with a wide range of applications in professional agricultural, fruit and vegetable crops as well as lawns and ornamental plants.

Scientific research conducted, among others, at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań confirmed the high potential of frass as a fertilizing material, providing plants with a wide range of both macro and micro ingredients (download the table of ingredients content). The addition of frass allows for a slow (natural) release of nutrients ensuring their effective use.

The reform of the European Union (EU) legislation carried out in 2021 allows the use of frass as an organic fertilizer. The current regulations define “frass” as: “a mixture of manure from farm insects, food substrate, parts of farm insects and dead eggs with a content of dead farm insects not greater than 5% by volume and 3% by weight”. The definition of frass is included in the EU Commission Regulation 2021/1925.

We have a decision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which allows the HiProSoil fertilizer to be marketed in Poland.

Frass Advantages:

  • New on the market
  • 100% natural organic fertilizer – insect diet consists only of components of plant origin
  • Biostimulator – The high content of chitin has a biostimulating effect as a factor immunizing plants against the stress of drought and extreme temperatures (biotic and abiotic stress).
  • High content of ingredients – A fertilizer containing macro and microelements particularly important for the development of the root system and plant photosynthesis.
  •  Safe for the environment – 100% organic matter processed by simple organisms (compost features)

HiProSoil – Fertilizer based on insect frass, authorized for marketing in the EU

We invite interested B2B partners to cooperate:

• The introduction of Frass insect as a supplement to the portfolio of private label products

• Using frass as a component enriching the offered products

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    We combine sustainable, nature-friendly insect breeding with modern technology. By introducing invertebrate protein as an alternative to traditional protein, we pursue the mission of reducing food waste thus limiting environmental degradation.


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